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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Long time no Post!

This year it's Killarney Provincial Park. We are heading to David Lake and the Silver Peak Hike.
more details to follow.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Updated - Lakes we have been on! We are over 100!

Camped On

1. Barron River – Campsite on river, no good swimming, some good fishing. Close to exit at squirrel rapids
2. Big Crow Lake – Good beach
3. Big Porcupine Lake (3 different years – same site) Best site we have ever been on. The westernmost site on big pork
4. Booth Lake - Got hit by lightning here
5. Crotch Lake – 5 nights on a nice campsite – great beach
6. Daisy Lake – on the way to White Trout Lake, quick stop
7. Dickson Lake – Right at the Dickson / Bonfield portage – terrible site
8. Dividing Lake – Nice site, tough portage to get there
9. Farm Lake – on the way to Booth Lake
10. Grand Lake – First stop out of Achray on the way to Opalescent, moderate site
11. Islet Lake – 2nd last campsite heading south – Average site
12. Kingscote Lake – very bad site, on the way to Scorch. See trip log
13. Lavieille Lake – at the entrance to the Lake from Crow bay – one of the best sites we have been on
14. Little Trout Lake – nice site – nice lake
15. McCraney Lake – Northernmost site on east side – Average site
16. McManus Lake – Nice sight just after the swift from Smith lake
17. Misty Lake – on the way to White Trout Lake
18. Opalescent Lake – good site, big snapping turtle kept us from swimming. Site is right on the portage.
19. Opeongo Lake – (2 sites) North Arm and East Arm
20. Oxtounge River (2 sites) – High falls site is very good, room for a dozen tents and a fabulous waterfall
21. Park Lake – worst site possible, in view of traffic on hwy 60, exposed, confined, do not go here!
22. Pen Lake – nice lake, lots of good sites and one great one that we haven’t been able to get on
23. Petawawa River – 2 sites – at the chute and schooner rapids (at the hydro line)
24. Rockaway Lake – best fishing ever! Not in the park, on the way to Dividing
25. Scorch Lake – take the trail UP to the best view in the park
26. St Andrews Lake – on the way to Opalescent
27. Sunbeam Lake – Very good island site (easternmost), very nice Lake
28. Timberwolf Lake – on the way out from White Trout, quick stop in bad weather
29. Tom Thomson Lake (2 sites) – great Lake, site on island has great cliff jumping
30. Travers Lake – Last site before hitting rapids
31. Welcome Lake – very pretty Lake with huge SAND beaches, well worth the trip.
32. White Trout Lake – nice site, next to the farm on the map
33. York River – at high falls, no thunder box, lots of people with pop and chips, but still nice

Traversed (paddled across the lake)

1. Aster Pond 
2. Bartlett Lake
3. Bear Lake 
4. Big Rock Lake
5. Bonfield Lake
6. Brigham Lake
7. Byers Lake
8. Canoe Lake
9. Coveo Lake
10. Cradle Lake
11. Crow Bay
12. Crow River
13. Dagger Lake
14. Fawn Lake
15. Galipo River
16. Godda Lake
17. Grand Lake
18. Grassy Bay
19. Hambone Lake 
20. Hardy Bay
21. High Falls Lake
22. High Falls Pond
23. Hot Lake
24. Joe Lake
25. Kimball Lake
26. Kitty Lake
27. Little McCraney Lake
28. Little Crow Lake
29. Littledoe Lake
30. Livingstone Lake 
31. Magnetawan Lake
32. McCarthy Creek
33. McIntosh Creek
34. McIntosh Lake
35. Minkey Lake
36. Mole Lake
37. Ooze Lake
38. Oram Lake
39. Proulx Lake
40. Queer Lake
41. Ragged Lake
42. Rain Lake
43. Ralph Bice Lake (Butt Lake)
44. Rock Lake
45. Rumley Lake
46. Ryegrass Lake
47. Shall Lake
48. Smoke Lake
49. Smith Lake
50. Stratton Lake
51. Tattler Lake
52. Tepee Lake
53. Whitson Lake
54. Way Lake
55. Wee Lake
56. Weed Lake

57. Willow Lake
58. Wright Lake

Visited (Either paddled into and back out or visited on a portage walk)

1. Bonnechere Lake
2. Branch Lake
3. Cork Lake
4. Depot Lake
5. Harry Lake
6. Hollow River
7. Opeongo River
8. Shirley Lake
9. Snow Lake
10. Tim River

The maps are laminated and ready for our trip! (Thanks Jeff)

Monday, June 20, 2016

A Long Long time between posts! We are back this July to go to Big Porcupine lake via Smoke and Ragged lakes!

Monday, December 30, 2013

WE are back to the park in 2014!! After a year off we are returninto do The Islet Lake / McCraney Lake loop.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hey Algonquinites!
I am riding my bike in the "Ride to Conquer Cancer" this June. It is a 220k ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls.
All of the proceeds will go to the Princess Margaret Hospital, one of the top 5 Cancer research centers in the world.
If you would like to help me on my ride the link IS HERE
For the Canadians, there is a tax receipt for every donation over $10. For everyone else there is the satisfaction of helping in the much needed research. They have done so much already but so much more needs to be done!
P.S. pass this information on!

more info on the ride IS HERE
more info on the Princess Margaret IS HERE