Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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Rollaway Rapids - Petawawa River
from Loon Island Outdoors

Planning Planning Planning

Well we are well under way getting ready for our 2008 trip into the park. WE have 7 of our group of 8 confirmed for the time. It gets harder every year with jobs and life getting in the way.
AS you probably know, we have to wait until 5 months ahead of time to book the area we will go into. That sets booking date at around the first of March. I guess I will reserve the canoes around that time also. WE will book those through Algonquin Portage this year because of there location.
We are still trying to decide between having the outfitter do the shuttle or doing it ourselves. Here are Algonquin Portages prices;


Destination 2 people and gear
Additional Fee per person
Achray $80.00 $10.00
Lake Traverse $130.00 $15.00
Brent $380.00 $25.00
Kiosk $395.00 $25.00
Brigham Lake $65.00 $10.00
Squirrel Rapids $50.00 $10.00
Opeongo Lake $250.00 $25.00
Pembroke Bus Station $25.00 $10.00

Its kind of expensive to pay them, but it WILL save lots of time. It looks like a paid trip to Traverse would cost 8 guys about $27.50 each. Not too bad. Anyone out there with tips for would be appreciated.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Thoughts for the upcoming season.

29 01 2008

I’ve noticed lately that the interior of Algonquin Park has become the “in” place for the city slickers. While I have nothing wrong with people exploring and enjoying the park, I do have a problem with people destroying the parks natural beauty. What I mean is that I’m sick of people throwing their garbage on the portages, people bringing cans and bottles into the interior and leaving them there for others to clean up, people driving everywhere within a campsite when you can bike or walk. The threat on Algonquin is all too real and we need to protect it. We as the campers are as much responsible as the park staff and conservation officers. There are simple things that we all can do to keep the park beautiful.

  1. Keep your campsite clean and make sure it’s clean before you leave.
  2. Only bring stuff that is completely bio-degradable and good for the environment.
  3. Foil does not burn…..bring it out with you in some places it’s recyclable
  4. Freeze dried foods might not taste the best but there is less waste with them and its quick to prepare.
  5. Stay on the marked portage. Don’t go off course to get around someone. We’ll all get there in our own time.
  6. Can’s and bottles are not allowed in the interior so DON’T BRING THEM! There are tetra packs available now for wines. Pour your wine/beer into a plastic container.
  7. If you bring food like steak or another kind of meat please make sure that your grill and cooking area is clean. The bears do not need people food…it really isn’t good for them.
  8. Speaking of wildlife…..leave it alone. If you see an abandoned beaver lodge, dam or even turtles on a log leave them be. You can ruin an animals natural habitat.
  9. Use your common sense. If you think it might hurt something then don’t do it. DON’T CUT DOWN TREES FOR FIREWOOD. USE WOOD ON THE FOREST FLOOR THAT IS DEAD!!!!

As you go on your way today remember that Algonquin Park has almost been destroyed before by wildfires and logging…..let’s not let it be destroyed by us! I love that park and I want my children to love it too!

~Enjoy your Trip!

This years Interior Trip

Our group of 8 is looking at the Petawawa River for our trip this August.

has anyone done this one? Comments please!

tentative Schedule

Day one - Get transportation from the outfitters to Access point #23. Paddling - 10K. No portages. Camp on Lake Travers. Easy day (except for the travel time)

Day two - 8K paddling. Portages 315, 165, 130, 425, 1580*
*We will stay on the 1580 portage. There are 2 site to choose from. Camp on Crooked Chute Rapids.
Total Portages = 1825 (if we do half the 1580)

Day three - 10K Paddling. Portages 120, 820, 275, 250, 135, 160, 2305*
*We will stay on the 2305 portage. There are 2 sites available. Camp on Schooner Rapids
Total Portages = 3702 (including half the 1580 and half the 2305

Day four - 6K Paddling. Portages 1400, 3400*
*We will stay o the 3400 portage. There are 4 sites available.. Camp on Fivemile Rapids
Total Portages = 4252 (including half of the 2305 and half of the 3400)

Day five - 8K Paddling. Portages only one 500. Camp on Smith Lake
Total Portages - 2200 (including half of the 3400)

Day six - 5K paddle out. Portages one 90

For the trip
Total paddling - 37K with the current of the river
Total portage - 11,979