Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Planning Planning Planning

Well we are well under way getting ready for our 2008 trip into the park. WE have 7 of our group of 8 confirmed for the time. It gets harder every year with jobs and life getting in the way.
AS you probably know, we have to wait until 5 months ahead of time to book the area we will go into. That sets booking date at around the first of March. I guess I will reserve the canoes around that time also. WE will book those through Algonquin Portage this year because of there location.
We are still trying to decide between having the outfitter do the shuttle or doing it ourselves. Here are Algonquin Portages prices;


Destination 2 people and gear
Additional Fee per person
Achray $80.00 $10.00
Lake Traverse $130.00 $15.00
Brent $380.00 $25.00
Kiosk $395.00 $25.00
Brigham Lake $65.00 $10.00
Squirrel Rapids $50.00 $10.00
Opeongo Lake $250.00 $25.00
Pembroke Bus Station $25.00 $10.00

Its kind of expensive to pay them, but it WILL save lots of time. It looks like a paid trip to Traverse would cost 8 guys about $27.50 each. Not too bad. Anyone out there with tips for would be appreciated.

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